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Appraise's Securities Coverage

Appraise offers a broad range of global securities and related financial data from all major markets and exchanges. Evaluation Services collects, edits, maintains and delivers global data on more than 4 million securities, as well as evaluations for more than 3.6 million municipal bonds.

In addition, Evaluation Services maintains proprietary data for numerous other issues. Our complete coverage is as follows:

Security Starting
Major Exchanges (NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, NYBE, Regionals) 1969
Unlisted Corporate Bonds 1975
Medium Term Notes 1987
High Yield (Junk) Bonds 1985
U.S. Government and Agency Obligations 1972
Stripped Coupon Bonds 1987
Municipal Bonds Past 5 years
International Stocks and Bonds 1975
UIT - Unit Investment Trust 1986
ADR -American Depository Receipts 1992
Series E, EE, and H Savings Bonds 1970

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