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Appraise Reports

"This industry is built on having as much information as possible at your fingertips."

"We prefer to receive more information than the minimum which is required by the instructions.
As we receive fewer details, the possibility of an audit increases dramatically."

- IRS Brookhaven Services Center

Appraise reports speak for themselves. As you can see by reviewing our sample reports below, they are well organized, fully detailed and easy to read. Each report includes all the information required by the IRS and more.

Most of the securities pricing you find on the Internet will only provide you with a portion of the securities data you need to file an accurate estate or gift tax return. The use of these services to calculate IRS 706/ 709 Estate/Gift Tax reports can result in incomplete and inaccurate reports that could lead you to an audit. (See IRS Regulations)

Further, because back-up data is often required to document pricing information, Appraise features an exclusive Supplementary Report that documents and verifies the accuracy of all information reported.

Appraise provides all the information you need. Click on the name of the Appraise feature to see what its report looks like.



          Carry Over Basis

Charitable Remainder Trust


Corporate Action Detail (without tax status)


Corporate Action Overview (without tax status)


Corporate Action/Capital Changes Detail (with tax status)

Corporate Action/Capital Changes Overview (with tax status)

Cost Basis Calculator


Dividend Reinvestor: Calculates your Cost Basis and Capital Gains for   securities in Dividend Reinvestment Plans.

Estate & Gift Tax IRS Mode: IRS Date of Death Valuation.


Estate & Gift Tax: IRS 706 Schedule B, G and H. Date of Death,            Alternate Date, and Gift Tax Reporting.

EZPrice: Portfolio Pricing.

Foreign Dividended Report

Grantor Remainder Trust

Lookup: Issue Research, Stock Dividend History, and Stock Split History.    

Multi Date Pricing: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, QuarterlyAnnually   

            Personal & Fiduciary Income Tax: IRS Form 1040 & 1041 Income Allocator.
            Fiscal Year and Calendar Year

            Pooled Income Fund  


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